Denied yousweatincasual's Staff Application

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Username: yousweatincasual

What's your Minecraft username?: yousweatincasual

What's your Discord username?: Muffinz#6107

What's your age?: 13

Do you have any past or current punishment's on the server?: no

Why do you want to be part of the Verve Team?: cuz I have no life and retro (aka) Aiden told me to

Do you have any previous experience as a staff?: no, but I'm really friendly and smile a lot :)

Why do you think you stand out from other applicants?: I'm cool and love people and Retro's friend (aka) Aiden

What sort of strengths and weaknesses do you have?: weaknesses: I'm kinda young: strengths: I'm very social, nice, playful, and am very creative.:

What would you do if users started spamming the chat?: give him a warning and if he doesn't stop I would give him a temporarily ban

Someone was exploiting a bug on the server, what would you do?: tell him to stop and take all the stuff he exploited or redo any damage

Your friend, best friend, sibling or any family member joined the server and started breaking the rules, what would you do?: ban him and go smack him (IRL)

During your application process, if you ask a staff member about your application, your application will get automatically denied; do you agree to this?: Yes

If your application gets denied, you will not argue with other staff about your application. Do you agree to this?: Yes


Staff member
We appreciate your interest in joining the Verve Kits Team.
However, your application has been denied for one or more of the reasons listed below:

  • You're not active enough in-game.
  • You're not active enough on the Discord.
  • Not enough effort has been put into the application.

We sincerely deny your application and hope that you will learn from our standards and that you will apply again in the future!

Please feel free to reapply anytime after 2 weeks! Before applying, make sure to review the requirements.
Please use this opportunity to make any necessary changes to your application.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

When it comes to applications, we ask people to take their time and answer each question as thoroughly as possible.
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