Staff Application - Guidelines & Requirements

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Hello there, players!

Please be aware of the prerequisites before applying for a position as a staff member. Please keep in mind that you must meet ALL of these standards in order to be considered.

  • A Discord account is required.
  • Every day, you must be active on Discord.
  • Must be able to communicate effectively in English. Verve Kits' primary language is English, and you'll need to be fluent in it to properly moderate the server. Knowing more languages is a tremendous benefit, but it isn't required.
  • Must be willing to learn about and staff all of the network's servers. Specialization and preferential treatment for one or more servers over others is permissible, but staff members must understand how each server works and be able to answer basic inquiries regarding their activities.
  • You must be available for a Discord voice interview with our Staff Manager or Owner. If you have any problems following this regulation, please mention them in your staff application.
  • Staff members must be of a certain age, this being 13 years old or older.

  • You cannot submit a new staff application if your previous one was declined within the last 2 weeks. If you do so, your application will be instantly declined, and we will not accept any other staff applications from you for a month.
These conditions for staff applications are in place as of the date this post was last revised.

You will be contacted privately through your Discord username once you have been accepted. A staff interview will be set after our Staff Manager or Owner contacts you on Discord, during which you will be asked general "get to know you" questions as well as a few questions about the server and how you would handle various scenarios. If everything goes well, you'll be welcomed and added to our team. Please keep in mind that being contacted does not guarantee you a spot on the staff team.

I wish everyone luck, and I appreciate everyone that applies for dedicating their time and effort to Verve Kits.
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