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You may not post advertisements for any; minecraft servers, inappropriate content, non-related content.

We do allow you to advertise your own Youtube or Twitch channel (within the respective guidelines mentioned above).


We will not tolerate any form of racism. There are no exceptions to this, please respect all players regardless of race, gender, beliefs or opinions.

Exploiting & Bug Abuse
The use of bugs and other exploits to gain an unfair advantage is not allowed under any circumstance. Example; "Item Duplication" -- If you find an exploit and use it accidentally you will not be punished under the condition it is reported to a staff member immediately. Depending on severity and other factors, you will be given rewarded in-game for helping us find bugs, so please report them!

In addition to this, spreading information on how to use exploits will result in a much more severe punishment.

Please be aware, we have patched the Log4J exploit on our server to allow people on older versions to have a seamless and safe experience on Verve.

Allowed & Disallowed Mods/Clients
Further information of blacklisted/whitelisted mods can be found if you *click here*. If you are worried you might be banned for using a certain mod, feel free to ask staff in-game or on the forums and we'll let you know!

Real World Trading
You may not trade in-game items or ranks for real life services, products or money. In addition to this you may not sell your minecraft account or advertise the third-party selling of minecraft accounts.

Punishment Evasion
You may not use alternate accounts to avoid any punishments. Avoiding punishments will result in a longer punishment being placed onto your account and all accounts involved.

Note: This also includes speaking on behalf of a banned/muted player.

Encouraging Rule Breaking
Do not encourage other players to break the server rules, we do not tolerate this behavior.

Inappropriate Content
You may not discuss anything deemed as inappropriate content. This includes but is not limited to; adult themes, disturbing behavior or vulgar messages. Please remember that we have players of all ages on our server and we want to ensure that we house a friendly age-appropriate environment for everyone!

Spamming, Trolling & Flaming
Spamming and trolling will not be tolerated on the server. That includes:

  • The repeating of the same of similar phrase -- or pure gibberish.
  • Excessive use of capital letters or symbols and other characters.
  • Sending a message for the sole purpose of causing offense or arguments.
  • Causing disturbances in-game such as picking fights.
  • Replying to someone just to call someone a troll, report them instead.

We will not tolerate harassment against our players. This includes but is not limited to; offensive messages, singling out a specific person or excessive trolling.

Impersonation of any persons on the network is strictly prohibited. This includes for Nicknaming & Colors in-game such as changing username to another Staff Member or using the Staff colors in-game which can result in a ban.

Swearing is allowed on the network. Intentionally circumventing the filter [workarounds such as replacing one letter] for those who don't wish to view swearing will be treated as exploiting, do not do it!

Disrespecting & Ignoring Staff
Treat staff with respect even if you do not see eye to eye with them. If a staff member tells you not to do something listen to them. If you believe a staff is abusing their rights please report them directly with proof. The staff are trained and know what they are doing, trust them. We are all human, getting a staff annoyed is never going to end well.

Asking for Ranks & Discussion of Staff Ranks
Please do not ask for any ranks while in-game, it annoys everyone including the staff team. If you want to find out about our Ranks & Perks *click here*. Please also do not mention ANY discussion of staff ranks in-game and to any members of staff, we will not talk about your staff applications. Failure to follow this will result in a high chance of your application being denied.

Purchasing From Our Store
When purchasing from our store, please keep in mind the following:

  • The processing time for purchases can take up to 20 minutes.
  • That the username is entered correctly.
  • Any payments that are charged back will result in a permanent blacklist from our network.
  • This webstore's packages are all virtual products with no real-world value.
  • The transfer of purchased products is not permitted.


Please do not engage in any roleplay in the public chat. You may do so in Private Messaging.
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