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Modifications Allowed

(Mods that you can use on the network.)

Modifications categorized as such can offer visual client enhancements and or improved animations to which does not alter gameplay to grant unfair advantages to a player.

Effect Status HUD's:

Armor Status HUD, Direction HUD, Status Effect HUD, 5Zig, etc.

* Modifications which show potion effects/armor status/directions/player direction & health of other players are not allowed.

Frames Per Second (FPS) Enhancers:

Optifine, Better FPS, etc.

Modifications which aim to enhance or improve the stability of client FPS.

Sprinting/Sneaking Modifications:

Toggle Sneak, Better Sprint Mod, etc.

Additions and or improved functionality to that of sneaking and sprinting.

* Modifications of this stature may provide the option to alter the speed of a character, avoid these options.


Shaders Mod, Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders, etc.

Visual enhancements that aim to drastically improve the aesthetics of vanilla minecraft.

Minimaps (Restrictions Below):

Xaero's Minimap Mod, VoxelMap Mod, Zan's Minimap Mod, etc.

Client modification which provides a minimap to your GUI.

* Minimaps are limited to solely terrain.

* Modifications of this stature must not present locations of other players and mobs.

Replay Mod:

Allowed playback (reenactment) of gameplay which allows for changing your perspective.

* This modification must be ran when offline from the network.

PvP Clients (Restrictions Below):

Offers a combination of modifications within the realm of limitation.

* Their settings must abide by the allowed modifications listed above.

Modifications Disallowed

(Mods that you cannot use on the network.)

Modifications categorized as such grant unfair advantages to a player and may manipulate or alter the vanilla precedence.

PVP Enhancements:

BetterPVP, KiLO Pro, Hacked Clients, Ghost Clients, etc.

Modifications that grant a client unfair advantage.


"Third party" modifications, altering the mechanics of clicking (auto-clicking), keybinds/macros (pressing a key to execute an event or task).

Inventory & Environment Tweaks:

Auto Pot, Auto Fish, Auto Soup, etc.

Client Modifications that alter the vanilla state of how you interact with the environment and or items.

X-Ray & Chest Finders:

Chest Finder, X-Ray, X-Ray Resource Packs etc.

Modifications that involve "x-raying" and or adding bounding boxes to chests (otherwise known as chest finders).

General Terrain & Items:

Minebot, Waila, etc.

Modifications that assist in interaction or present unfair statistics of terrain/items.
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