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You may not post advertisements for any; minecraft servers, inappropriate content, non-related content. Business/organizations/service offerings are not allowed on the forums.

If you wish to share images or videos you are welcome to use approved sites such as imgur or youtube respectively. URL shortners are not advised and we do not recommend that you click on them!

Punishment Evasion
Posting on another account or on behalf of another punished account is not allowed under any circumstances. As a result a further ban will be placed on all accounts involved.

Subjects/Content Not Allowed
The follow content is not to be discussed on penalty of a punishment:

  • The sale of in-game items or ranks for services or goods.
  • Keyloggers, malware and other viruses.
  • Illegal activities.
  • Hate towards a specific person or group of people.
  • Pornography or other indecent content.
  • Referral/Affiliate links for contests, promotions or anything else.
  • Medical advice.

General Posting Guidelines

  • Do not create duplicate threads or spam posts.
  • Do not bump threads more than once per a 24 hour span.
  • Use a suitable and clear title for your threads
  • Avoid the use of excessive capital letters, colors or special effects
  • Ensure your post contributes to the thread.
  • Do not quote entire posts, quote the parts you are discussing. The quote button is not a reply button.
  • Do not use intentional poor writing such as "leetspeak".
  • Try to avoid long walls of text by using paragraphs and other formatting
  • Use thumbnails for large images

Discussing Staff Actions
Please do not discuss the actions of staff in public. Opinions about the staff may be shared in a constructive manner but may not be used to target them.

If you have an issue or would like to voice a concern with a staff member please send a private message to forgoted.

Personal Information
Personal information as it pertains to yourself and or others is prohibited.

Respect your fellow Members
Remember that while you are sitting behind a computer screen, you are still having conversations with real human beings.

We will not tolerate; racism, hatred, violence, threats (both in-game and real life), insults, vulgar language, flaming, or anything else that breaks our forum or server rules.

Forum Signatures
Forum signatures have set limits, avoiding these limits will result in punishment being taken against your account, try not to just fill it with random spam. Forum signatures must also follow aforementioned guidelines.

Spamming & Trolling
Spamming and trolling will not be tolerated on the forums. This includes:

  • The repeating of the same of similar phrase or pure gibberish.
  • Creating a thread for the sole purpose of causing offense or arguments.
  • Causing disturbances in threads such as picking fights.
  • Making non-constructive posts.
  • Abusing the report features.
  • Reviving old/dead threads (known as "necroing").
  • Posting meme or troll images/comments (e.g. cool story bro, umad, etc).
  • Replying to a thread just to call someone a troll, use the report feature instead
Not open for further replies.